The Specifics of Teaching the Globalization Phenomenon on a University Graduate Level (Critical Analysis of Textbook – Globalization of World Politics”)


  • Valerian Melikidze Associate Professor, Tbilisi State University


globalization, liberal globalization, globalization stages


It’s widely accepted that approximately from the second half of the 20th century, the development of the global society happens as a result of one process publicly known as globalization. It is also acknowledged that the vast majority of the planet’s population at some point and in some capacity, end up becoming influenced by the process. Furthermore, for the most active individuals among the population, it’s solely possible to accomplish their ambitions through the support of globalization. These facts underscore the importance of studying the globalization phenomenon on a university graduate level. The “Globalization of World Politics” textbook published in 2006 is one of the books that specifically addresses the study of this subject. Till this day, this textbook is being actively used but requires revision and adjustment in accordance with the new global tendencies and events that have occurred since its publishing. Consequently, this article unpacks the main statements and ideas presented in the globalization textbook and revises, reassesses, and corrects them accordingly along with introducing a few altogether new concepts.


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